At Song Saa we strive to embrace the Buddhist tradition of ‘metta bhavana’ or loving kindness. We are inspired by the Buddhist principle of reverence for all beings and aim to follow the tradition of offering blessings to others.

Matching our focus on conservation and ‘luxury that treads lightly’ is our commitment to source only sustainable wild harvested natural products from artisan producers, in ways that benefit local communities.

We have developed our treatments around three themes that underpin our philosophy:

  • Stillness: Life often pulls us away from our centre. At Song Saa, you will find the tranquility to reconnect with the happiness within. Stillness is central to wellbeing, and our offerings help guide us back to our centre.
  • Healing: Offered with loving kindness, our healing experiences are given with pure awareness of the ability to transform.
  • Blessings: When grace touches us we are blessed. Grace is abundant in the natural beauty of Song Saa and our blessings reflect and draw upon this resource.

In keeping with our ethos of ‘Luxury that treads lightly’, we have established the Song Saa Foundation to promote sustainable development and community wellbeing throughout the Koh Rong Archipelago, and beyond.

Through the Foundation, we are working to improve the lives of local villagers by providing crucial health and education services, and by protecting the local marine and terrestrial environments.