ILA Experience

120 minutes

This blissful experience re-awakens the body and spirit and promotes a profound feeling of calm. Rose and jasmine are the keynotes in this treatment. The blissful body scrub prepares the client for receiving the rose balm massage and the soothing Ananda Facial.


Bio-Rhythm Treatment

120 minutes

Travelling, particularly flying and jet lag, disturbs our body’s natural flow of energy. The natural flow of the body’s bio-rhythm is closely linked to the body’s magnetic energy field. This electrical magnetic field is made up of negative and positive ions. Negative ions charge the body with energy and vitality and a feeling of wellness. Positive ions deplete the body’s energy and leave the body feeling drained, tired and stressed. Travelling unbalances the magnetic field and the body becomes filled with positive ions.

The aim of this treatment is to restore the body’s natural biorhythm and deeply relax the nervous system. The energy scrub and mud wrap contain high levels of minerals in an ional form that, as they become warm, emit large amounts of negative ions, charging and restoring the bio-magnetic energy field. Then a Kundalini back massage is given to balance and relax the nervous system, finishing with a face marma massage while the client is enveloped in warm blankets.


Manipura (Vital Energy)

90 minutes

Manipura means beautiful jewel in Sanskrit. It refers to the solar plexus (naval) chakra – our centre of fire and sun energy that ignites our health and restores vitality. This treatment starts with a Himalayan scrub to purify and detox the physical and subtle bodies, followed by a massage that stimulates and balances the solar ‘sun’ vitality within us. This is achieved through marma massage, lymphatic drainage and applying Himalayan herb poultices to the 10 petals of the solar plexus. This is a unique body massage combining various techniques to harness and restore the vitality of the body allowing a positive flow of energy.


90 minutes

This treatment honours and respects the ancient Buddhist traditions of healing and loving kindness, restoring energy and also harmonizing and strengthening the body’s natural free flow of energy.

Carefully selected organic and wild grown essential oils, including sea buckthorn, are used. Traditional techniques are applied to purify the five elements of the body, stimulate the lymphatic system and then, with more vigorous massage, to energise the subtle body and meridian system. This includes cupping, acupressure, kneading, rocking and the application of hot stones and hot poultices.

Karuna Kaya

60-90 minutes

Showing compassion to ourselves and our physical bodies is an important part of the Buddhist principle of ‘metta bhavana’, and brings with it a lightness of being. This deep and rhythmic body work allows realignment and softening of the muscular system and stimulation of energy flow. Based on Asian traditions and using your choice of Song Saa’s signature blends.

Kundalini Back Massage

75 minutes

Kundalini – a female goddess of awareness in the form of a coiled snake – is the dormant energy in the base of the spine, which, when awakened, travels up the spine to the third eye. This leads to increased energy and spiritual enlightenment.

This treatment is a healing back massage that is deeply soothing, relaxing and balancing to the whole nervous system thanks to the synergistic use of an essential oil blend used in combination with ancient massage techniques and chakra healing.



Ananda Facial

60 minutes

Ananda means bliss in Sanskrit. The techniques used in this facial come from Shaman women in Mexico who believe that the energy of light is deeply rejuvenating. Working with marma points to open up the energy centres of the face allows a blissful flow of energy into the body. This is a healing and reviving treatment that brings deep feelings of bliss and peace, as well as beautiful radiant skin.

Rainforest Rejuvenation Facial

75 minutes

The rainforest facial is a rejuvenation treatment that helps promote the regeneration of skin cells at a deep level with ila’s active Amazonian Elixir – plant extracts that give energy and vibrancy to the cells. It also boosts and invigorates the whole body as the deep lymphatic drainage stimulates the immune system as well as the face.

Couples Connect

150 minutes

Combining chakra balancing with usage of the three most exquisite oils of jasmine (for stimulating the flow of love), rose (the oil of love) and orange blossom (uplifting the soul with higher energy) results in a beautiful connection of mind body and spirit.



Head Massage and Hair Mask

45 minutes

This relaxing and revitalising head massage includes a Himalayan salt scrub followed by a vitamin rich hair mask. The treatment begins with an invigorating scrub including acupressure that releases fatigue and tension, clearing all the stuck energy from the top of the head and neck whilst at the same time nourishing the hair with essential oils such as juniper berry and geranium to help restore a healthy natural shine. A rich vitamin and mineral hair mud mask follows that feeds, strengthens and thickens the hair.

Body Scrubs

60 minutes

Our body scrubs provide a blissful experience that energise and detoxify. On a physical level the scrub stimulates the lymphatic system, aids circulation and eliminates toxins. The scrub is a whole experience in which the client enjoys lymphatic drainage, marma massage and effleurage techniques.

On a subtle level the power of the salt and oils in the scrub cleanse and strengthen the bio-energy field with more light. When it becomes warm with friction the high mineral content of the Himalayan salt emits negative ions that leave the client looking and feeling radiant. Recommended for both a daily boost and for deeper health issues. A body scrub is an ideal treatment for cellulite, stress and exhaustion, and can be combined and followed by an ila massage.