Journeys to wellness


Song Saa Private Island offers an evolved spa concept that integrates the wellness journey with the natural environment of the Song Saa islands. Our ‘spa with no walls’ is not your everyday spa centre – it’s actually made up of little ‘sanctuaries’ dotted across the island, where treatments take place nestled in nature.

Our spa philosophy embraces the Buddhist tradition of metta bhavana – the cultivation of loving-kindness. We also believe in the Buddhist practice of respecting all beings and offering blessings to others. For this reason, you’ll see our spa menu is divided into three themes: stillness, healing and blessings.

* Stillness: The innate tranquillity of Song Saa Private Island can help quiet the mind and help you reclaim your centre.

* Healing: Restorative treatments are applied with loving-kindness and with awareness of their ability to transform.

* Blessings: Song Saa islands have graced us with abundant natural blessings, which we are privileged to be able to share with guests.


The sanctuaries are peaceful places where mind, body and soul are restored to their natural stillness.

spa menu

Spa retreats


Song Saa Private Islands offer a selection of spa retreats for those seeking a wholly transformative experience. Refresh with a ‘stillness’ themed retreat, rejuvenate with an invigorating, detoxifying retreat inspired by the ‘blessing’ treatments, or revive with a ‘healing’ retreat. Retreats are available for five and seven days – click through for more details and contact us to book your retreat. 


Tailor your own rejuvenative journey with a selection of bespoke activities, crafted to your own needs and desires.


Hours of operation

Our Song Saa Sanctuaries are open daily from 10am to 8pm. For the Night Spa, please book treatments at least one day in advance.


All Sanctuary experiences must be booked in advance. For a tailored experience, arrange a consultation with our Head of Wellness (dial 0 for an appointment).

Cancellation policy

Bookings must be changed or cancelled 24 hours prior to appointment time. Cancellation/changes made within less than four hours’ notice incur a 50 per cent cancellation fee. The full amount will be charged for a no-show.